About Us

About Us

Meet Elissa & Jay

My work as a dental hygienist demands that I wash my hands dozens of times every day.  Unfortunately, squeaky clean hands often become painfully dry hands that lotions simply can’t tame. 

Our Search

After an exhaustive search for a product capable of nourishing my sensitive hands turned up precious few options, I created a checklist of what my dream product might look like. It was a tall order, but I rolled up my sleeves and got down to work!

A multi-tasking scrub that could exfoliate and condition in a single step

Portable enough to slip into my pocket at work

A "single dose" application that would be sanitary and I wouldn't waste

Created with premium natural ingredients

Sweet Results

n 2011, my husband Jay and I launched our signature product, Sweet + Single Candy Scrub, an uber-portable, single-use mani/pedi scrub formulated with fine salt, pure cane sugar, and a delicious blend of rich botanical oils and butters.

We soon discovered that it wasn’t just a favorite of ours; Sweet + Single Candy Scrub quickly garnered rave reviews from beauty editors, spa managers, and at-home users around the country and continues to be a bestseller to this day!